Sabina Jones
Sabina Jones
Height: 5'6
Year: Jr
Hometown: Taos, NM
High School: Taos High School
Parents Names: Janine Jones
Siblings: William Jones
Favorite Movie: Atonement  
Favorite Food: Mediterranean dishes such as babaganush and dolmas because it is filling and nourishing at the same time.
Favorite Athlete: Myself 
Fun Fact: This is my first time playing a team sport. When I was younger I had lots of dreams trying to run from something scary but my legs felt like sand. Now I am running and I like to imagine I am running toward something good.  
Why Warren Wilson? 
"All my life I've followed a thread and the thread pulled me here. This place, though far from home, feels familiar. The outer world works in harmony with my inner world. It inspires poetry. It is good here."